Online Tech is a hosting company, providing colocation, shared, and private cloud solutions to all sizes of companies since 1994. 


Online Tech started with simple ticketing and CRM but it evolved into something bigger. Their vision was to provide a customer portal where clients can not only view the status of their services but also self-serve. They needed a true single-pane-of-glass.  

Client: Online Tech  

Industry: Hosting, Cloud 

Services: Colocation, Shared Cloud, Private Cloud. Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service  


A single pane of glass is complex. It is the most user-friendly solution for a client as they get to see their services, their health, monitoring, usage, and billing with their orders, tickets, invoices, etc.

The biggest challenge lies in architecture. Collecting data from various resources and appliances, built by different manufacturers. Then transform and transport that data to be consumed by the portal. And the last part is to make that data available in the portal so it makes sense to clients.

Online Tech and their clients were so dependent on this portal that it needed to be fault-tolerant and highly available.

“Online Tech is an incredible company with great forward-looking people and an innovative approach to helping customers migrate to the Cloud.  Their customer portal is a true differentiator in the industry and provides full visibility to their secure and compliant hybrid cloud and colocation solutions,” said Online Tech CEO.


Borders Solutions started collaborating with Online Tech on their client portal back in 2006.

We created a series of services to collect data from various resources including, Firewalls, Router, Backup system, Disaster Recovery system, and the in-house cloud to an interim database. We then transformed the data, analyzed it for billing, and then dressed it for the portal consumption.

We created an active-passive SQL replication for redundancy at the persistence layer. At the presentation layer, we also created an active-active load balancer in two separate geographical locations.


We created a load-balanced, highly available portal for both internal and client portals. Delivered this robust architecture and built various products on top of it. In the end, we had a very happy client.