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Consulting in the Digital Age

The world of consulting has been transformed by digital technology. Much like the organizations they counsel, consulting firms have had to transform themselves and their employees to provide the fast, profitabl...

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A Beginners Guide to Cloud Computing

Forget about definitions and technical explanations. Not everyone is a highly skilled DevOps Engineer and Cloud Architect. Salesforce CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff bring it straight to the point. Cloud computin...

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The Importance of Cyber Security in 2020

While cyber-crime is constantly on the rise, it has been a growing trend in the last few decades and businesses have been a target ever since, regardless of their structure and reputation. All around the world ...

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Why Custom Software Development is Important for Business?

Every business, whether small, medium or large, needs customized software solutions to meet their needs and simplify their processes. Each business has its own terms, conditions, attributes and resources. All c...